The Reckoning

When my life is over and all that must pass has come to pass and I stand, upon quivering legs, ready to make the account of how I lived, weigh every truth and every lie, every gesture and every grudge, every small act of kindness, every petty deed of cruelty, every reasoned tolerance, every irrational prejudice, every promise kept, every trust abused, every generosity, every greed, every action born of selflessness, every thought spawned of selfishness, every noble bearing, every shameless conduct, every remembrance, every neglect, every thoughtful gift, every thoughtless theft, each and every moment of love and every and each second of hate, when that dread day comes and I must stand naked and unadorned before Justice herself…I bet it’ll be all those bloody Farmville invitations I ignored that’ll tip the scales. Fucking bastards!

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