Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth; Stare A Frog In The Gob

An odd title to this one I know. But I’m referring to another interesting story that my Bolivian friend told me. The same guy who told me about a former Bolivian President, the British Ambassador and Queen Victoria walking into a bar. Ok, they didn’t walk into a bar, but it did involve alcohol.

Anyway, here in Bolivia frogs are supposedly good luck (or toads, it seems Fortune doesn’t discriminate). So, the opposite to a black cat for us, if a frog crosses your path rejoice!

But apparently you’d be a fool to just settle for that unexpected free dose of fortune. No, now what you’ve got to do is take out a coin and toss it into the frog’s mouth. Go for the jackpot. Get the coin into the frog’s mouth and “Congratulations you’ve won yourself a lifetime’s supply of luck”

Now, throwing a coin into a frog’s mouth is obviously easier said than done. I think it helps if the frog’s had a heavy night and is yawning a lot.

Although yawning’s meant to be contagious, isn’t it. So maybe next time you see a frog try yawning at it repeatedly, see if that gets you anywhere.

Probably best to have the coin at the ready while your yawning though.

And probably best to go for smaller denominations as well –  increase the coin to mouth ratio, you know.

Don’t be leaving luck up to chance now!

In fact if you want to practise for the day you do suddenly find yourself at a popular amphibian hangout, then there’s a game fittingly called Juego de la Rana (Frog Game) which is – you guessed it – all about throwing money into a frog’s gob.

This particular frog’s not real so unlikely to mind if you miss and get it in the eye (an oversight in the the real thing as far as I can see)

Now, I can’t work out where this Latin American (and Spanish) association with frogs’ mouths and money came from.

There’s definitely a strong Chinese popular belief about three-legged frogs bringing prosperity.

Funnily enough, the story begins with a kid amputating  it  by lobbing something at it.

But I don’t know how it got from China to South America.

Anyway, while I don’t fancy trying to launch a coin, or any other type of missile into a frog’s mouth, this Juego de la Rana looks like a right laff.

I’m gonna make it my mission to play it.

Luck Be My Lady Tonight

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