Another Brother’s Dead

Policing is by consent.
So the force is consensual.

Content to have the long arm tied behind its back.
While the Devil makes work for Samaritan hands that plunder sacks.

Feral children give short shrift to the values of polite society.
Pray you, pray for their souls to some merciful deity.

Unpardoned sins are visited on the mother.
Absent Father played away, stayed away with another.

His return is unexpected, so nothing can be from his offspring.
So oft shoots the gun that new family bring.

First fondles it in a quaking hand
No-one there to guide it through the first razor strokes that made him a man.

But the mean streets give him mettle.
Steel trumps unsure fists when scores must be settled.

O another brother’s dead.
Shot point blank in the head.
Cold-blooded murder
I can’t – I must go further.

I say another brother’s dead.
Cold blood spills warm scarlet threads.

A stain on municipal streets,
Trodden under Trident feet.

Seeping into papered over cracks.
Unbroken silence s’got the killer’s back.

While the town crier cries, the city weeps
And from the shadows fear stalks and creeps.

O is another brother’s dead,
Shot point blank in the head?
Cold-blooded murder
How do we go further?

Physician treat these weeping sores.
Clinician diagnose our deepest flaws?

Our body politic is violently sick
Wretched as we are – minister your physic.

If we don’t learn then we must feel
The sting of knives and burn of steel.

The man who speaks but is never heard
Finds gunshots wake better than morning birds. 

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