War Story

What is war?
Dis ting dat I saw.
Dis ting dat I saw.
Pon da ground,
Death piled high in mounds.
Hillocks of Pillocks
Dat lost dem lives at dat mortal sound.
Me wan you, and you and you.
Your lives spread here pon da grasstips like dew.
For is it not your duty,
And is it not due to me
Dat you lay down your life fi Queen and cuntry?
So friend, Roman, cuntryman len’ me your ear,
Your heart, your soul,
But leave your fear.
Before dis day is done dis will be a vale of everyman tear.
Fi we march forward in solidarity,
Our deaths are not pointless if we die togedda
In a spirit of unity.
Dis is de cant and dis de talk,
So these men nah even baulk.
But da call dem obey
And like young pups to de slaughter dem bound into de fray.
One shot, two shot, t’ree shot, four,
De first of dem – drop – like a stone to de floor.
And at da sight of ‘im blud
It clear fear nah gon stay at de door.
And soon it won’t be wort countin’,
As life pon life jus keeps on mountin’.
Death take ‘im toll.
Look aroun’, not a single, unbroken soul.
Deez men once stood proud like tree,
Now fallen like so many autumn leaves.
And unswept dem trampled by dem warring breddas.
Dat message won’t mek it ‘ome to dem dotin’ moddas.
Death is de only victor
Foolish dem, dat thought war all adventure and youthful elixir.
Foolish we, who waved goodbye to de best of our generation.
How are we to rebuild our impoverished nation.
Me tell you,
Let us never again cast our seeds
Pon dis field where me eyes av’ seen de sky weep and de earth ‘imself bleed.
Dis ting dat I saw.
Dis thing dat I saw
And me pray,
Me pray neva to see more.
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