The Bigamy of Night & Day

The bigamy of night and day, night and day.

Darkness and Light are two alternating kings.

To each it is given to rule the earth for a time, wither into exile and there die.

Then return triumphantly from his long banishment.

Ho! For I’ve heard it is not so.  We are not the sole subjects of our lords’ affections.

While we daily must diet on mourning confused with joy at the loss of a king but the advent of another.

Think not that our masters hie with downcast souls, but know that they fly with singing spirits to foreign lands where they command the love of another tribe.

Our lords do play us and we more the fool that we do agree to be played.

The pawns in their sport.

Let us rise up and forswear their disloyalty.

Let us rise up, rally round and with one voice say:

One monarch to rule this night and our day.

We are here and we will be heard.

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