Money Makes The World Go Round

Completely extortionate though it was, I finally gave in and bought myself a dongle today. But I do get some solace knowing that at least now I have reliable and portable internet.

Had to pay 290Bs for the dongle, another 6Bs for the SIM and 140Bs for 1500MB over the first month.

Grand Total: 444Bs  (about £41).

Your Ready Reckoner, Sir:

– Well, that’s exactly 444 journeys on the old American school buses which should have died long ago but live on pimped out and ferrying people young and old around La Paz every day.

– Or enough to buy you a feast of around 111 salteñas: standard street food in La Paz. Chicken, beef and ham & cheese fillings all available. But apparently not to be eaten after 1pm.

Not sure what happens after 1pm. Maybe they turn back into the animals they were made of.  So probably best not to stock up on them.

– Or seriously gen up with 89 newspapers and/or prepare for future homlessness. The main ones are Página Siete (Page 7 – where all the important news always goes, of course), the newest newspaper in Bolivia and left-leaning. And La Razón, more conservative than Página Siete and seemingly closer to the government.  Don’t know why, but La Razón looks like it would keep you warmer at night if you did end up on the streets.

tapa la razon bolivia plan matar a evo

Or with 444Bs you could always buy yourself 2½ super-traditional Bolivian ponchos to wear back home and show everybody you’ve been abroad expanding your horizons. The fact that you’ve come back with half a poncho will, of course, hint at the fact that you didn’t learn enough Spanish to haggle while getting your undeniably “authentic” experience.


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