I Am The Love Of Mephistopheles

I am the love of Mephistopheles,

Housed among this copse of trees.

Darkling I trip through the field of my dreams,

Light in the deep dark of my morning.


I am the Queen of Dark Getting –

Harvest, Harvest time is here

And I shall reap a thousand posies for my lover’s hair.

– And he shall know them by their smell –


I am the Mistress Venturer

And I shall lead him by the hand,

To the high tree where we make our haven,

In this our black vault land.


I am the Lady of his bidding

And of me he bids a song.

I sing to shroud us in this moment

All the long night long.


I am his. No more.

Unseeingly we see each other.

My breath upon his face

Paints the image of my lover.




I am his Spurned,

For I did look upon the first of dawn

And in that passing vision made

The very sun that he did scorn.


I was…am myself no more.

Hurled of my love to the hoarfrost floor.

– And what of my dreams? –

They lie with those without,

Waiting, baying at the door.


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